Monday, January 13, 2014

Fruit Trees Everywhere

January 13, 2014


Another week has come and gone.  I´m on the 5th week of training.  We study a lot.  We don´t leave our apartment until like 12 because we have to study so much.  4 hours a day! My training ends in like 7 weeks and after that we only study for 2 and a half hours a day.  Which I will like better I think.  

So I feel like I don´t ever say much about Paraguay so here are some random things I thought of to tell you throughout the week.  There are a ton of fruit trees here.  Mangos and lemons, and bananas and limes.  Everywhere! Even in here in the city.  Actually there are just a ton of trees in general here.  There was a really pretty sunset here the other day and it made me think Dad.  He could get some pretty cool pictures here.  

When it rains here it really comes down and the roads turn into rivers! I´ve gotten a lot of use out of that little rain jacket I have.  I said at Christmas that everyone drinks out of the same cups.  And they all drink Mate and Terere.  Which are the same thing but Mate is hot and Terere is cold.  Other things they eat a lot of is meat and pasta and rice.  The venders all sell empanadas. Which are pretty good.  They also have Sopa here. Which is kind of like a corn bread but i think it has more flavor and it´s pretty good.  And then Chipa which I really like.  It´s a type of bread too made from corn flour.  It´s interesting they have some similar brands here but they are different things. Like Alfajores! Alfajores are actually more of an Argentina thing but they do have them in Paraguay too.  They are basically like a oreo covered in chocolate. But they have a ton of different kinds. Some are more wafer like and some are more brownie like.  

Yesterday was kind of sad because none of our investigadores came to church.  But we do have some awesome people that we found we just have to go work with them. Rebeca, might of come to church but she has a baby that is three weeks old.  Actually she had her baby like the day before we met here.  Her little sister lives with her during the week and helps out and they read the Book of Mormon together.  But she has a lot of doubts.  

The one contact we had this week was kind of fun.  We wanted to go back and meet with an older lady we had taught before and her husband came out and told us no and so since we were in the area we decided to try some doors.  There was one with bikes in the front and Hermana Casey was like, "I like bikes" and rang the bell.  The guy came out to us shook our hands and invited us in.  It turns out that he had lived in Texas for year for a culturally experience, with a Mormon family! He talked about how beautiful he thought our beliefs were. He had a triple too! He got us juice and then introduced us to his wife.  And then he turned to her and said, "You know we are only married until we die, when they get married they get married forever." And then he told us we had to come teach his wife about that.  They were about to leave so we said we would stop by later.  Afterwards Hermana Casey and I just looked at each other and like what just happened?

It is so interesting to see how the Lord works with you.  And how he leads you to the people he is preparing.  I love this work! My Spanish really is getting better every day.  I still don´t feel completely adequate yet in it but I´m determined and my faith is high! 

Hope you all have a good week!! 

Hermana Lindsay

P.S. Mom, yes my feet feel better. 

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