Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Easter Week

April 14, 2014


So this week was maybe not the most successful week number wise, but we learned a lot.  Mostly I´m learning that my idea of how things should be done is usually not the way the Lord wants them done. I have to remind myself of that a lot, but I know the Lord has plans for the people of Paraguay, I´ve just got to give up my ways and let the Lord do what needs to be done through me. Easier said than done, but that´s what the Atonement is for right?

This week is the Semana Santa. The Catholics here celebrate, basically all week long.  It´s kind of cool actually. They were selling cool braided reed things in the streets for Palm Sunday.  A lady told us yesterday that a Priest blesses them and then they keep them in their home all week.  They are kind of cool, but they look like a lot of work.  Wednesday everyone stops working and goes traveling.  I´m thinking it´s kind of like our equivalent of Thanksgiving weekend.  It´s really cool how Christ centered this week really is here. It´s actually easy to teach people because their faith in Christ here is already established.

I´ve seen some pretty awesome thunderstorms this week.  The lightening gets so close.  We had a lighting strike super close to our apartment the other night and it woke us both up.  It also cooled down a lot yesterday... we were actually really cold and this morning too, all the cool air got trapped into our room, but it´s better now that the sun came out again.  I decided I´m kind of wimp when it comes to the cold.  

This week I´m was thinking about obedience and agency. It´s frustrating to accept others agency sometimes. In Preach my Gospel it says that God gives us commandments for our benefit so that we can be happy and if we are obedient we show Heavenly Father that we love him and Jesus Christ. Obedience always brings blessings, no matter how small the rule or commandment may be because God says, "I, the Lord, am bound when ye do what I say; but when ye do not what I say, ye have no promise."  I know that´s true!  I think of Elder Hales´ talk from conference and basically, when we choose to be disobedient we love Satan more than we love God.  Harsh words but true.  As a missionary it´s easy to see rules and be obedient, but I think the real challenge is being obedient in life outside of the mission. 

Anyways that´s all from me! 
Hermana Lindsay

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