Monday, April 7, 2014

Slight fear of dogs now

April 7, 2014


Ahh!! Wasn´t General Conference awesome!  I loved every second of it.  The North Americans in my zone all got to watch it in English, but it had some technical difficulties so we had to watch the first two talks in Spanish. We were really bummed we didn´t get to hear Elder Holland´s voice.  He is so powerful when he talks and it just isn´t the same with a translator. Anyways, I´m sad it´s over but I´m glad I get six more months to work on becoming more like the savior and being more grateful like in Elder Uchtdorf´s talk.  I´m so grateful to be serving a mission in Paraguay, even with all of the hard things that get thrown my way, but really it´s the load that gives us the spiritual traction we need to press forward, like Elder Bednar taught us.  One of my favorite talks was by Elder Ballard about missionary work and Preach My Gospel.  It´s true, Preach My Gospel is for everyone to study and use.  It has been a huge testimony builder for me, and so I want to share a quote from it that I like about missionary work,  

"What does the Atonement have to do with missionary work? Any time we experience the blessings of the Atonement in our lives, we cannot help but have a concern for the welfare of others... A great indicator of one´s personal conversion is the desire to share the gospel with others." - President Howard W. Hunter.

I know that´s true. If we are truly converted we are going to naturally want to share the joy of the gospel with those we love and President Monson says that should be everyone!! 

I don´t really have a lot else to say, expect we had a district activity Monday which was pretty fun.  We went around and took pictures, (speaking of that I´m hoping I didn´t lose my camera, I had it at conference yesterday and now I can´t find it, but we are going to check the church today for it), and then got ice cream at Amandau (which is Guarani for Hail). Oh ya, and I have a slight fear of dogs now, mostly just the little barking ones that belong to people, we´ve had two come after us.  Luckily my bag is pretty heavy and I´m ready to knock them to the moon if they even think about biting me!  

Also, I´m not sure if I just give really long boring prayers or my companion was just tired, because she totally fell asleep one day.  I ended the prayer and waited for her to say amen and she never did.  We laughed pretty hard about that. 

Anyways hope everyone has a great week, 

Hermana Lindsay

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