Monday, March 31, 2014

When it rains it pours

March 31, 2014


I´ve never seen rain before like it rains here.  The streets literally flood.  We got caught in the rain a couple of times.  Paraguayans think they are allergic to the rain... not really, but it seems like that.  They don´t want to do anything in the rain so it gets hard to have lessons.  Our district leader said they think they’re made out of sugar!  Although, a lot of houses are half outside, like they only have two or three walls and a roof.  But the good news is it cooled down a lot!! I even had to pull out some of my sweaters this week.  And my blanket too!  

We had a conference with half the mission this week with Elder Viñas of the 70.  It was really good.  He talked a lot about the Atonement and how it applies to missionary work.  I´ve been thinking a lot about the atonement lately too, and it´s something that I want to bring to my investigators, the joy of the atonement.  It really is important to use it every day.  Even the little things we have to repent of, because we want to become perfect like Christ and our Father in Heaven and we can´t do that if we aren´t completely clean of every little thing.   Christ paid the price so we don´t have too, the atonement is free, we just need a willing heart and the desire to change and become better people.  I love my Savior for giving me that ability! 

Our investigator Yessica is cute.  She´s only been to church once, but we´ve had three lessons with her.  At the end the second lesson we asked her if she had any questions for us and she said, "Ya, what do I need to bring for my baptism?"  I think she´s a little anxious.  Her date is 12 Abril and we are excited for her, she is so prepared for the gospel! We are having to work a little harder with some of our other investigators, but I love it when I can see the spirit working in their lives.  

We had interviews with President Agazzani, he´s pretty awesome.  He told me my Spanish was much better and he shared with me a talk by Elder Bednar that I really needed to hear.  He told both me and Hermana Casey to enjoy this transfer because it´s not likely we will spend another transfer together.  I think mission life will really hit me once I get a new companion or I´m in a different area because I´m pretty comfortable at the moment. 

This gospel truly is a message of hope and happiness! I know I´m a better person because of it, and I love seeing the changes people make in their lives as they draw closer to the Savior. I´m only now starting to realize how big this world really is and how many people there are! And each one of them is a son or daughter of God! And he knows them and loves them sooo perfectly!  And He loves us so much that he has called a prophet and apostles to guide and direct us in the path we need to go.  How great an opportunity we have to listen to them this weekend!  I´ve been so excited, I´ve literally been counting the days for about 2 months! 

I hope everything is well in the states! 

Hermana Lindsay

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