Monday, March 10, 2014

Critters in Paraguay

March 10, 2014

I was thinking of things to write about Paraguay all this week, and as I´m sitting here typing this a little cockroach crawled onto my computer... gross right? This is not the most chuchi cyber ever..., but I did come up with a few fun things to write up. (I´m starting to take a lot of this stuff for granted).  

One thing that is kind of cool here are the parrots.  Actually, they are probably lorikeets, but there are flocks of them here, like there would be flocks of geese or something in the States. They are really loud too. Speaking of critters, some places are infested with mice; our church is invested by bats.  Actually, I feel bad for them because I think they fly in and can´t find their way back out so they have nothing to eat so we usually find them dead.  The other night there was one alive flying around the roof while we were having our activity.   Also, most people have walls and gates around their property.  If they have money there is barbed wire or an electric fence around the top too, but if they don´t then they use broken glass bottles and attach them to the top of their walls. 

My companion and I had a laugh this week. The other day we were with one of our investigators and she told use she had something to give us.  We got excited, because who doesn´t love gifts? She brought out this sliver package and still we were like, Oh boy what could it be? and then she handed it to us and said, "It´s milk." She gave us a package of powdered milk.  I guess it´s from Argentina, but we thought it was fun.  Not sure what we are going to do with it yet. 

On Friday we had divisions, and so I went to the area of Fernando de Amor with a sister from Bolivia.  She is super sweet and it was good for me not to speak English the entire day.  There is still a lot I can´t say, but there is more that I CAN say and that´s a blessing. They have a ward there and it´s super established. They have lots of youth and lots of members, which is something our Branch lacks...well we have members but they are inactive. 

Also, yesterday was my last day of training!! Wooo!! No more extra hours of studying for me...that is until I end up training someone else, which could very well happen in two days, because that´s when changes are. Because my companion and I got here at the same time, it´s really a toss up as to who will leave first.  I´m nervous, but I´m excited too. I´m nervous because we are starting to see miracles here in Pinoza, so I have to keep telling myself that this is the Lord´s mission not mine. How you take things in life is really all about your attitude. 

Yesterday we had ward conference, and we sang with the choir. We sang, I Believe in Christ and I Know That My Redeemer Lives.  I think those are the members favorite hymns.  
The stake president gave a really spiritual Sunday school lesson, which I was grateful for because we had TWO investigators at church!  This was Fernando´s third attendance and so he can get baptized really soon, he just hasn´t received an answer yet.  I know he is feeling something though, because he keeps coming to church and does exactly what we commit him too.  We also have our other investigator I´m really excited about, her name is Alma.  She is the daughter of one of the members.  She has three kids, she recently had her third a month ago! Her daughter Helen goes to church every week with her Grandma and wants to be baptized when she turns 8, but Alma never wanted to join the church because she isn´t married to her "spouse" and she didn´t want to get married.  Well my companion had a lesson with her during divisions and I guess something touched her heart because now she had a date to get married and be baptized!! 

I´m so excited for both of these people, and I realize that this letter is a little longer then usual, I guess it was a pretty good week then.  

I got about 6 new bug bites, so either the bugs just came back from vacation or you all stopped praying for me ;)  Nah just kidding, I think I just got a little lazy with the bug spray because I wasn´t having any bites, but I did visit a new area so that could have been it too... I don´t know. 

But either way I love this work.  I´m grateful for every day because it´s already 4 months! Where did that time go? It feels like I just left yesterday,

Have a wonderful week! 

Hermana Lindsay

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