Monday, May 26, 2014

Layering is going to be my best friend!

May 26, 2014


So good news, my companion is feeling much better, so we were able to work this week, bad news is, it´s cold.  Today is actually nicer, but the past few days I´ve had to unpack my coat and scarf and gloves to stay warm, and we had to pull out the heaters.  I never thought Paraguay would get to that point, but here we are.  I´ve never minded the cold, but that was when the houses had heating and insulation and I didn´t have to walk around in it all day.  Layering is going to be my best friend this winter.  It´s hard though, because no one really wants to talk to you because it´s so cold, but we are still finding miracles.  

I guess my miracle for the week was our investigator Luz.  There was awhile that we couldn´t find her.  She was never home and when she was, she was busy and didn´t want to share with us.  Turns out that she had heard something she didn´t like about the church, but I think she missed sharing with us, because when we finally were able to sit down with her again.  You could see the spirit touch her heart and she has actually been setting appointments with us.  This weekend she even went with us to a baptism.  This weekend the stake did something called a baptismo wasu, where all of the missionaries in the stakes and their converts got together to all be baptized in one area.  It was kind of fun.  Kind of like a normal stake baptism, but for them it was something different, although most of the missionaries didn´t really know what was going on and there was a lot of stress.  Everything worked out fine though, and I think it was a cool experience for all of those who participated and it was a good thing for Luz to see as well.  

Now we are just going to focus this week on finding new people to teach. I know the Lord is preparing people in this area, we just have to find them!  

This week we had some visitors from the states.  This student from BYU is doing his senior project here.  He´s into the whole film thing like Joey, but he came here with his Dad to shoot a video, to help missionaries understand the culture and what the people are like here before their missions. He wanted to go to Argentina because that´s where he served his mission, but it´s pretty dangerous with his equipment right now, but his Dad served here so I think that was fun for them.  I think it´s an awesome idea though! Watching him film the members this past Sunday was a blast.  They take great pride in their country and they know exactly what sets them apart. The idea is to work with the church to do this for missionaries all over, but he has to have the finished project first before the church will consider it, but seeing all of his equipment reminded me of Joey! 

Oh and I believe it´s Poppy´s birthday this week, so wish him a ¡Feliz cumpleaños! from his favorite granddaughter...who is in Paraguay and that I´m very glad that he´s "still alive" ;)

Anyways all is well with me for now.  Hope everyone has a great week! Work hard.  Follow the Spirit.  Remember the Lord in all that you do!

Hermana Lindsay

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