Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Time is Flying By

Oh goodness, time seems to be flying by! I can´t even handle it, it´s already two weeks into August.  Our zone is working really hard to find families this month.  We are all really excited and we are setting goals to get our numbers up.  I have so much faith that this month is just going to be filled with miracles.
I just got back from cleaning the temple! I love the temple!  As missionaries we don´t get to go very often, but I enjoy the rare occasions when we get to go clean the temple.  This was my second time.  The opportunity is all random, so I guess you could say I´m pretty lucky. 
I celebrated my hump day (half-way) the right way with lomitos arabes. They are meat, and vegetables with a garlic sauce and then they put it in like a tortilla/pita bread type thing and grill it.  They are basically the most delicious things ever.  They are only a night time food here though, there are little places basically on every corner to buy a hamburger or a lomita after 7 o´clock. 

We had two investigators come to church yesterday.  The first was one we´ve been working with for quite awhile.  She´s been to church one time before this, but every time we passed by after that she never answered the door.  Well yesterday we passed by and she didn´t answer, so we decided to go look for someone else, they didn´t answer either so we went to look for Idalicy again.  When we got to her gate, she was outside with her little boy and we were like, ok let´s go, but apparently her sister had just left and had taken the keys with her (they lock their gates so you have to have keys to get in or out).   My companion was determined and so she just walked over to the gate and lifted it off  its hinges to let her out.  Needless to say she came to church and she enjoyed it.
Our other investigator is so cute.  Her name is Gabriela and she is 13.  She has lots of family that are members so she´s got a good support group. She wants to get baptized right away but her mom wants her to wait a bit until she knows more.  So we gave her a list of everything she needs to learn beforehand.  She is awesome; she is already doing her Personal Progress. Her parents are pretty well off and basically their house is like a little zoo.  They have turtle, a dog named Espike, a hamster named ComoVos (Like you), a lorikeet named Tweetie, AND a deer!! named Bambi.  I´ve never seen a deer here, but they have one so that´s kind of cool.
We went to do some service this week.  We went and painted the bars of a window for a woman.  I had about half of it painted and my companion looked over at me with her section less than half finished and told me I was painting really fast.... I guess all those years out at MTI painting sets were good for something, but it was fun to do some service for her.  She is one of my favorite ladies here, she hasn´t been to church in a long time, but she will get there! 
This last Saturday was Kid Day here in Paraguay!  It´s a big deal here.  There are bouncy houses everywhere.  People give their kids presents and they eat cake.  Um, why don´t we have that in the States?!?!  But it was fun wishing all the kids Feliz día.  They also celebrated the anniversary of their flag so there was lots of partying going on during the weekend. 
I did get my package mom, by the way.  Thank you!! The first thing I did was make myself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  It was sooo good! The Paraguans don´t understand that joy. 
Anyways I love you all so much and hope everything is going well at home! You are always in my prayers!
Hermana Amy Lindsay

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