Monday, November 10, 2014

I´ve been out for a year!

November 10, 2014

¡¡Hola Familia!! 

So it´s kind of a weird feeling knowing that I´ve been out for a year, it´s really crazy actually.  It´s weirder still, that six months ago when I was with Hermana Weeks the first time she was at exactly the same point I´m at and now she goes home in a week and a half.  The time just flies as a missionary. 

In most ways I still feel like I´m new in the mission, the only difference is that I can speak and understand Spanish a lot better.  In some ways I´m still the same person, for example we were at a member’s house this weekend and their house is only like two rooms, but I went in to use the bathroom and I confused the doors and the members were like, Hermana where are you going? And I´ll I could say was, "I´m lost".  Hermana Weeks and the members got quite a good laugh out of that.  In other ways I´ve changed a lot on the mission.  I´ve learned a lot and I´m continuing to learn every day and I just love Paraguay! 

This week was kind of different.  We normally do the same things every Tuesday and every Thursday, but we had zone conference this week, so it moved all our days around.  The conference was really good and then we helped the other Hermanas in San Lorenzo move apartments.  Our whole district came to help so we got it done really fast and the Hermanas are happy to be in a new chuchi apartment.  

Right now we are just trying to invite people to come to church.  We are working with one lady and she´s just the coolest person.  She´s really special.  We first found her husband and he´s really cool too.  The first lesson we had with them, he excepted the invitation to baptized right away, so we were really happy with him, but we weren´t sure how she felt because she didn´t really talk much. We left a pamphlet with her and when we came back she had read and understood all of it (that´s not super common here).  She just accepted the restoration right away and we leave her things to read in the Book of Mormon and when we come back she is always just eager to learn more.  The only thing is she works a lot and has to work on Sundays a lot. 

They don´t have a lot of money and they are supporting two little kids, but she talked with her boss and she arranged to at least work Sunday for the afternoon so she´s really excited to come to church and is really excited to get baptized as well.  Also, she´s got the cutest little boy, he´s a little terror though and is always trying to get attention during the lessons, but he can´t sit still and he´s either climbing all over his mom or running around.  You can´t be too mad though, because he´s got the cutest little voice and says the funniest things.  I imagine he´s kind of like the Paraguayan version of my brother Ryan when he was little. 

Other than that, it was a pretty good week.  We are excited to work super hard this week!! Love you all so much!! All is well with me! 

Hermana Amy Lindsay

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