Monday, December 15, 2014

Mosiah 18:30

¡¡Hola !!
We have been getting a really good response from the video, He isThe Gift.  We have cards we give out too and we carry around our portable DVD player to show it to everyone...because we don t have ipads.   I have seen even the hardest people soften as they watch that video.  One investigator who is catholic, always liked talking to us, but whenever we talked about baptism she hardened up and changed the subject, but when we watched the video with her she actually accepted the invitation to be baptized.  She still has a lot of doubts but she’s a lot more open to the discussions now.  It really does have a special spirit and we have had several people cry. 
 Actually we found a really cool lady.  She’s a single mom and lives with her mom and her son.  The first thing she said after we showed her the video was, "how can I share this with my family?"  And she and her son have accepted to be baptized.  Really, I have a strong testimony that Jesus Christ is our Gift and as members of His church we have the great opportunity to share how others can accept that gift in their lives as well.  So really truly.  I invite all of you to think and pray of a least one person to share this video with, along with your testimony and then invite them to learn more.  We have the gift in our lives!! And Christmas is all about giving!
Hermana Jarman is coming along really well in her training.  I can’t believe it’s already been a month.  Super crazy how fast time is flying, but she’s is just the sweetest thing and she has so many desires to learn and to do more.  I’m learning a whole lot from her, more than she probably knows, but we are having fun together.  One thing I am learning as a trainer is how to pray and to follow the spirit in everything we do.  You think I would have learned that after a year in the mission, but it’s probably something you just continue to learn and to get better at.  I think one of my favorite things as a missionary is seeing the spirit touch their hearts and seeing them soften,  and you can tell because you can see it in their eyes.  There is a scripture in Mosiah 18:30 that talks about how beautiful the eyes are of those who have come to the knowledge of their Redeemer. Itś so true!! You can literally see it!!
Anyways that’s basically all from me.  I’m not sure quite yet on the whole Christmas thing, but I’m sure I will know by next week.  I just have to coordinate with the members.  But all is well with me!
Link to “He is The Gift”

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