Friday, November 15, 2013

Week 1 in the CCM

November 14, 2013


Ahhh!!!  I've been Argentina for a week now!  Which is crazy because it feels like it's been at least two.  I don't even know where to start.  I guess from the beginning.  

I met up with two missionaries in Salt Lake, Elder Webber and Hermana Louder (who actually ended up being my companion), and then we met up with a few more elders in Dallas.  The flight from Dallas to Argentina was really long.  I sat next to this Argentinean guy though and he asked me all sort of questions about the church.  I gave him one of my pass along cards, which he made sure to stick in his passport, so who knows maybe I planted a seed!! So we got off the plane, and I was very glad I was with other missionaries.  Customs wasn't too bad, but once we past security there were so many people.  Our driver spotted us and flagged us down.  The temple grounds weren't too far from the airport but we did get to see a little of Argentina.  

When we arrived we got our name tags and unpacked a little.  After I got out of my meeting with President Openshaw (the CCM or MTC President), I was basically mobbed by six other North American girls (all of whom are going to the Paraguay Asunción North mission) who had been here for four weeks.  They were so excited to get new sisters from the states, so right off the bat I felt welcome here, with all the hugs.  Those sisters have been such a blessing, especially since Hermana Louder and I are the only two girls that came with this new group, so naturally we are companions.  She is from Orem, Utah.  She graduated high school this year and just barely turned 19, so not surprising but I am the oldest in my district.  We get along really well.  She took some Spanish before coming here, so she's one step ahead of me!  But I feel like I've learned so much just be being here.  We share a room with six other Latina girls.  They are also so fun.  A lot of them speak pretty good English, but we have many a hilarious conversation, as we have to act out of lot of words to get the point across.  But they are all so willing to help us learn, and they love to learn English too.  Transfers are next week, so all of the districts here except ours will be leaving.  It will be sad to see everyone go because we've made such good friends with a lot of them, both the North Americans and the Latinos, but it will be fun to get a new a group.

My district is pretty awesome.  Presidente Openshaw told us that we were an unusually strong district.  We have 9 elders and me and Hermana Louder.  One elder never showed up, so there is a threesome companionship.  Six of us are going to the Paraguay Asunción mission and five are going to the Uruguay Montevideo mission.  Unfortunately Hermana Louder is going to Uruguay, so that is going to be sad when we split up.  The elders in our district our awesome though.  Sometimes they get a little rowdy at times (I mean they are 18 and 19 year old boys), but their hearts are in the right place.  We have one classroom that we basically stay in all day and three awesome teachers,  Hermano Mirisnikov, Hermano Pedersen, and Hermano Chisteche.  They all speak really good English having learned it mostly from video games and movies.  Hermano Pedersen did serve in America though, so he probably speaks the best English.  

Presidente Openshaw is basically like a walking scriptural index.  He starts out each Devotional with, So does anyone have any questions? And he will proceed to back up everything he says with scripture by memory.  Basically he's spent a life time learning the scriptures.  The last Devotional we talked about signs of the Second Coming and I learned a lot that I have never know before.  

The food here is interesting.  I have never seen so many combinations of meat and potatoes in my life!  I've just gotten used to it so it seems pretty normal, but sometimes I think they will just randomly throw a bunch of stuff into a casserole and feed us that.

Elder Holland is coming to Argentina this weekend and we get to go hear him!!! I am so stoked. We will get to hear him speak on Saturday and then he's coming to the CCM on Sunday for lunch!  Basically the I'm really excited!! 

Anyways, I don't have much more time, but all is well and I love you all!!

Hermana Lindsay

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