Thursday, November 21, 2013

Week 2 in the CCM

November 21, 2013


So I feel like last week´s letter was really rushed, we only have an hour to email and I didn’t have time to write everything I wanted to say, so I’m planning out what I am going to say ahead of time.  First of all, the food; I forgot to mention Papa Noél! He´s not really Santa Clause, he’s just one of the cooks who thinks its Christmas all the time! But he gives us treats sometimes so we love him! Basically they put dulche de leche on everything.

We get the opportunity to go to the temple every week. We have the option to listen in English but I’ve decided it is better to hear it in Spanish. Although I can’t understand everything, I at least know what is going on and the spirit is the same. 

The highlight of my week however, was Elder Holland!! So on Saturday we loaded up in buses to head to this church he was going to be speaking at. We got to see some of Argentina so that was cool.  We got there and there were probably about 900 missionaries but all the Hermanas got to sit in front! That was the closest I´ve ever been to an apostle. He is a powerful speaker.  He told us that every morning from when he wakes up until he falls asleep he is trying to save a soul and that´s what we do as missionaries making us apostalic in a way.  We also got to hear from Sister Holland. After the meeting we headed back to the CCM for classes. 

Sunday came around and we all knew Elder Holland was coming for lunch, we weren´t allowed to be there, but there was a possibility he might be at our devotional later. We ate sack lunches in our classrooms but we were all so antsy hoping he would come see us.  When the devotional time rolled around we sat in the room and started. We were all still on the edge, but we started with singing Called to Serve with as much gusto as we could.  The district leaders were giving talks, and during the second talk we could hear Presidente´s and Elder Holland´s voices coming down the hall.  All the doors have windows at the top and it was funny to watch all the heads turn as we watched the top of his head come down the hall and into the room.  His message was similar to the one of the day before, that He loves us and we are like apostles.  Although he also told us that anyone who didn’t want to serve a mission he was going to hunt them down, howl at their doors, scratch at their windows, and every night would be Halloween because a mission is the best reference you will have for your life. He definitely would not be the easiest person to translate for. There was one time where he said a lot of ins and outs, over and under's, ups and downs, right in a row and the interpreter was spot on and got them all so Elder Holland reached over grabbed his face and kissed him on the cheek saying ´Perfecto!´

After he was finished addressing us, all of the missionaries in the CCM got the opportunity to shake his hand. I knew it was exciting, but I had no idea how I would feel.  I don’t know how you could shake his hand and not feel the out pouring of love as he thanked each of us for our service.  He truly is an apostle of the Lord and I am so grateful to my Heavenly Father for giving me that opportunity.  I was thinking of the timing of my call and I´ve been wondering why it was to this particular place at this time and that was just a testament to me that there are going to be many reasons to follow. Probably the coolest way to start my mission though!!

I am also so grateful to be at this CCM.  It’s so small and Spanish is everywhere. Honestly trying to learn to teach this gospel and in Spanish when I hardly know any is probably the most difficult thing I´ve put my mind through.

It was sad to see everyone go on Tuesday.  We made such good friends with all of them, but they are going to be great missionaries. Our district had the CCM to ourselves though, which was kind of fun but really weird.  They got us Mcdonalds for dinner on Tuesday.  We got 3 of our roommates last night from Peru, and the rest come today.  We are only getting 3 North American sisters, but they will be here until we leave so that will we fun!

We go proselyting this Saturday, which I am really nervous for. It´s hard enough teaching our teachers when they play investigators, but these are real people!! But I know the Lord will help me through it. And I am also really excited for it.

On the down side to the week, I woke up on Friday with a sore throat which eventually turned into a head cold. Basically everyone has been getting sick. But that doesn´t stop me from loving to be here!

Other than that, all is well!

Love you guys!!

Hermana Lindsay

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