Monday, July 7, 2014

World Cup = Slow Week

July 7, 2014
I hope everyone had a great 4th of July.  It was definitely weird thinking about it that day,  although we did have a drunk guy wish us Felicidades on "our day."  I´m surprised he knew, but he talked a lot about American celebrities so I think he´s a little bit of fan and he told me I look like Sidney Crawford.  For lunch that day Hermana K________ and I made Hotdogs, we figured that was pretty American.  That night there were all sorts of people celebrating something for Saint John,  I´m not sure what, but it was fun because we could picture everyone celebrating in the states.  We really are blessed to live in a free country.  I really do believe that the founding fathers were inspired of God to write the constitution.  I am definitely proud of where I come from!!
Other than that, this week was pretty slow.  Everyone is watching the World Soccer Cup so no one really wants to talk much to us and as it gets colder no one really wants to come outside to answer.  I don´t blame them.  The cold here is just humid and awful.  You can just feel it inside you, and it´s hard to get away from it.  Luckily winter here is like a roller coaster, we will have a couple days of heat and a couple of cold after it rains, but I´m always happy when it´s hot. 

As for the work, it is going well, although Satan is working pretty hard against us.  We have met several people we thought were just of gold, but when we go back they have talked to someone or something has happened and they are just as hard as a rock.  The best thing we can do is share our testimonies and let the Spirit do the rest and the spirit really does.  It´s cool sometimes to see the change in people´s faces as we testify of the things that we now to be true, and really they can know too, they just have to have the faith to pray and ask our loving Father in Heaven.  He is always ready and willing to answer our prayers, but He won´t if we don´t ask.   The mission really is a humbling experience.  There are a lot of things I´m learning to give over to the Lord,  it´s definitely hard but sooo worth it. 
Anyways, I love this quote from President Uchtdorf, "Doubt your doubts, before you doubt your faith."  And please do, because doubts come from the adversary and not from God. 
Hermana Amy Lindsay

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