Monday, June 30, 2014

I'm Grateful for the Sun

June 30, 2014
Happy 4th of July!!!!
Today, I´m grateful for the sun.  It rained straight for like 4 days here.  I´m not even sure how the sky held that much water, but it was coming from somewhere.  But the sun is out and shining today, so I´m grateful for that.  I feel a little like a plant or something, I just want to go sit and soak up the vitamin D.  Kind of like that boy in that movie Timothy Green or whatever. 
The work is hard in the rain though.  The people really don´t like it and they don´t come to their doors and if they do they just shoo you away and tell you to come back when the weather is nicer, but we work either way.  Other than that, sometimes I feel like Paraguay is pretty normal... but then again I just a saw a little family on a motorcycle and the little boy was holding a chicken.... so maybe it´s not so normal.  I think I at least am staying a little normal, although, I may be reverting back to my old ways of falling.  I fell twice this week.  Once when we were out running and once down the stairs from our apartment.  Hermana K_____ asked me if this was a normal thing for me.  But I´m good, I only got a scrapped up knee and hurt pride! 
The work is going really well though.  We actually met a really cool family.  They all accepted a baptismal date...but then they moved.  Luckily we happened to pass by or we would have missed them completely, but we have their new address and are going to make sure some other missionaries take care of them!  It was fun to get to teach them for a little though because they are just so ready to except the gospel.  I love seeing that.  I love seeing people who are prepared...usually they are people I meet that live in different areas, but either way it´s cool and I pray that they will accept the gospel where they live.  We are going to keep working hard finding people to teach. 
We work a lot with our ward missionary leader.  Hermano Miguel.  He´s a pretty crazy guy, but he loves the work, and he´s always willing to come with us to lessons.  His one dream is to visit the US and learn English, so he asks all of the North American missionaries if he can stay in their house for a week or two.  I guess he figures if he asks enough he´ll have lodging for a whole year!  I guess that´s actually kind of smart and for right now he´s fine with throwing little berries at the back of heads and pretending like nothing happened.  We put up with him because he helps us out a lot. He´s the one who baptized Tobias actually. 
Speaking of Tobias he is doing so well.  He´s picking up on things a lot faster now and he just loves it.  We taught him a way to remember the 10 commandments using our hands and he just ate it up.  He´s like a whole different kid.  His mom is pretty happy too.  It´s just a testimony to me that the gift of the Holy Ghost really does make a difference.  It really does help us to become better in every which way.  He´s such a good example to all the other kids that live in that house too and adults...because there are a lot. 
I´m well and happy and I love this work sooo much! It´s basically the hardest thing I´ve ever done and Heavenly Father is still testing my patience and my faith, but I´m willing to work on both of those things.  Sometimes I still wonder why I came specifically to Paraguay, I really don´t know yet, but I´m glad I´m here either way!
Love you all! And have a great week celebrating and stuff!!
Hermana Amy Lindsay

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