Monday, June 16, 2014

We Might Have Gotten Robbed

June 16, 2014

¡¡Hola !!  

So first things first.  I guess I should tell you the most "exciting" thing that happened to me.  Saturday we might have gotten robbed.... Ok not might have I did, by two guys on a motorcycle.  But don´t worry, both me and Hermana K___ are fine!  And really there were a lot of things I was grateful for. 

Usually I carry my personal scriptures and my pictures of you guys with me when I´m proselyting, but for some reason that morning I didn´t feel like bringing all that stuff.  Spirit!! So they didn´t take that much stuff, just a tiny bit of money and a Book of Mormon, (because they actually just took my whole bag), and some other little stuff that was in my bag, like my umbrella, and my hymn book, and little stuff. Oh and our phone and keys, so we had to go track down where our owner lives to get in to our apartment and luckily we can borrow the phone of the hermanas that live next door to us.  

Today I´m going to at least buy a new bag so I can carry around my stuff.  Onto to my third mission bag whoo!!  But really I´m fine!  Kind of an interesting start to a new area.  Maybe they´ll realize that robbing missionaries really doesn´t have a purpose.  But ya, so that was Saturday.  

This week we also had a zone conference which was fun.  We got together with several of the zones and had some good meetings and had a really good lunch and now we are just prepared to hit the ground running in this area.  I really do love this area and I love Hermana K_____, she´s a pretty hard worker, so we are going to have lots of success here, I can just feel it!! 

We are actually going to have a baptism this weekend for a little boy who´s mom is less active.  She was getting active again, but she just had a baby so she´s been recovering from that and the baby was really tiny.  But Tobias is really excited to get baptized so we will be working with him a lot this week to help him get ready.  Little kids are awesome; they are just so receptive to the spirit, I love it!! They are just so willing to follow Jesus Christ.  It´s going to be a fun week. 

Also, tomorrow is Hermana K_____´s birthday so we will doing something fun to celebrate, probably go get pizza and make a cake today or something like that.  As for my apartment, it´s really actually pretty nice.  There are two rooms and a kitchen and a bathroom which is a step up because my last apartment was just one room and a bathroom, so I enjoy having a little more space.  The only thing that´s weird is our shower, it just comes out of a little tube, but it´s hot water! So I really can´t complain!!

The members here are awesome!  We don´t have as many lunch appointments as my last area, but the few we do have are always delicious!  This one Hermana, Juliana just cooks so good!! But she cooks a lot... and then gets offended if we don´t eat a lot so we walk away really full from her house, but it´s fun really.  Honestly, I wouldn´t want to be in any other place right now.  I know that it is the Lord´s work and that He is protecting us.  All of the great missionaries in the Book of Mormon went through great afflictions before they had success.  Alma and Amulek were in prison for three days but afterward they were able to change so many lives and bring people to the waters of baptism.  So, it was kind of annoying to have two guys just come take my stuff, but really it could have been worse and I know that everything happens for a reason.  Sometimes the Lord gives us trials to make us stronger. 

I want to work even harder this week!! I love the Lord, I love His Gospel, and I love this work!  I know that the message we are bringing to people is true and the Jesus Christ really restored his church on the earth again.  I know that this is that church!  Hope you have a great week!!

Everyone at home are always in my prayers!   All is well and Rohayhu!!

Hermana Amy Lindsay

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