Monday, June 30, 2014

A Baptism This Week

June 23, 2014


We are playing it safe since being robbed and trying to stay in more populated areas after dark.  The only problem is it gets dark at like 5:30 and then we still have about 3 and half hours of proselyting to do, so it limits who we can go see, so that´s a little frustrating.  I really didn´t have anything of value with me when we were robbed, just copies of stuff.  The mission has all the original copies, so that´s good.  I´m definitely more wary of motorcycles now though, but Hermana K____ is so fun and positive we haven´t let it stop the work.  We have a good time together. 

We actually had a baptism this last weekend.  It was of a little boy named Tobias.  He just turned nine.  He´s mom is a member, but a little less active.   She was starting to get active again, but she just had a baby so she can´t bring the baby really out yet, but she was able to come to her son´s baptism so that was good.  There are quite a few people in that house who aren´t members so we hoping that this baptism will be a good example.  But it was a lot of fun! And Tobias was pretty happy!  

We had divisions this week too with the Sister Leader Trainers.  Hermana W____ is in San Lorenzo now so I went there.  I had divisions with her when I was still new in the mission training center, so it was fun to go out with her again.  We taught this one lady who had been sharing with the missionaries for quite some time, but she just didn´t want to get baptized yet. We brought the elders anyways to have her interviewed just to see if she was ready.  Anyways, we had a lesson with her before and there were four missionary teaching this lady, resolving her doubts.  It was kind of fun.  It was a like a team, four missionary minds and the Spirit fighting against the adversary.   I think she got baptized this weekend so it worked. 

Really though, they call it missionary work for a reason.  It´s hard work, but we have the promise if we are worthy the Spirit will help us to know what to say and where to go.  I have a huge testimony now that all good things come from God and if it isn´t good it´s not from God.  It´s as simple as that, white and black, so if you have doubts or are afraid just know that those feelings do not come from our Heavenly Father.  He wants us to be happy and find peace in this life.                                               

We celebrated Hermana K____ birthday this week and that was kind of fun. She´s 20 now! The other hermanas next door planned a little surprise party one night. They put tons of balloons in the apartment and made brownies and bought pizza, so we celebrated.  Then Hermana K_____and I made cake and had our own little celebration too for lunch.  The cake was pretty good... well except for the bottom got a little burned.  Oh well it´s the thought that counts! 

I decided though, being on a mission, I want to learn how to cook, because I really don´t how.  The Paraguans just cook, they don´t really use recipes, but they make all this delicious stuff.  So that´s my goal, to learn how to cook... but it might have to wait until after my mission because I don´t have a whole lot of time.  But I am learning a little!                     
So that´s basically all with me!  I can´t believe there are so many people coming home soon, I feel like time is just flying on my mission, but maybe it´s different from this side.  I already have more than 7 months out!!  But we do the same stuff day in and day out so the days really kind of all blur together. 

I love you guys and hope everyone is doing well!! Have a wonderful week and ROHAYHU!!  

Hermana Amy Lindsay

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