Monday, October 27, 2014

Happy Halloween

 ¡¡¡¡Hola y feliz Lunes!! 

Ok, so this week was kind of all over the place and let me tell you why.  First off mom, I got the package with my shoes and I have kind of a funny story to go with that.  So I got it on Tuesday in our district meeting and then I carried it all the way home, excited to open it.  We get home and....Hermana Weeks doesn´t have our keys.  We are locked out!! The keys were nowhere to be found, but I was so excited to open my package, I sat down and opened it outside.  I knew that if we went anywhere to solve the key situation I would have to bring it with me and it would be hard to carry, but I didn´t care.  So I opened it up. 

Then our owner said that she would stop by with a spare key, but it would be awhile and so we decided to go find some lunch, but I didn´t want to bring this package with me.  We live on the second floor and we have a balcony and Hermana Weeks thought if she stood on this one ledge she could throw my package onto the balcony, so we decided that was a good idea, but then she realized that if she threw it, all of the stuff would go flying out, so I took off my belt and tied it around the package.  The ledge Hermana Weeks was standing on was kind of thin so she made me hold her feet down.  It took her a few times, but eventually we got it up onto the balcony.  The whole time, the people across the street were getting a kick out of our show.  I´m sure they were just thinking, "crazy Americans". 

About an hour later we got into our apartment and went to make a new copy of our key.  It was a bit of time, but we ended up going and visiting some people that we needed too that were not in our plans originally because of that, and it ended up being a really cool day.  Moral of the story, the Lord works in mysterious, sometimes comical ways. 

Another embarrassing story of the week happened on Saturday.  Saturday morning I woke up and put on my shoes.  I thought either Hermana Weeks will want to go running or I can do some other exercises.  So Hermana Weeks asks me if I want to go running, and for some reason I felt like we shouldn´t, but I thought that maybe I was just being lazy.  So we went anyways.  So we start running and everything is just going really well and we were almost to the end and I started to think of how much I´ve improved and stuff like that, when my foot found a hole and boom I was down on the ground and of course it was in front of a shop of guys that had just yelled out, ¨Fuerza"!   But....I did sprain my ankle a little.  It was pretty swollen all that day and so we had to cut our work day short so I could ice it.  But it´s a lot better now.  The swelling has gone down and I can walk without limping now! So all positive! Moral of this story, Always follow promptings of the Spirit even if seems like it´s just lazy. 

Anyways that´s basically all from me!!  We had interviews with President this last week.  Nothing too exciting. I got to learn a little about him though and that was fun.  Other than that it really was a good week and I´m excited to have an even better week this week.  Happy Halloween!! 

Hermana Lindsay

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