Monday, October 20, 2014

This dog's going to eat us!

October 20, 2014


This week we´ve been trying to get to know the members better.  It was funny actually, we asked one family to go with us to a lesson and there were some dogs following us and I was looking at them nervously.  Hermana Cabrera asked me if I liked dogs, and I said, "It´s not that I don´t like them, they just seem to not like me,” but the dogs ran away and all was fine.  But, as we were walking back a big Rottweiler came bolting out of it´s house right at us.  I didn´t notice at first, but Hermana Weeks acted surprised and so with that combined with this huge dog running right at us, I thought, this dog is going to eat us!  We were in a group of four, and of course the dog passed all of them and came right at me, but it turned out it didn´t want to eat me, it just wanted to play. Hermana Cabrera just about died, she was so scared for me, so now every time she sees me she asks about the dogs.  I think I´ll forever be that one missionary that dogs just don´t like. 

Friday we planned this huge talent show and all the members came and did something.  All of the organizations were in charge of a talent and anyone else could do one as well.  It was a lot of fun.  There was lots of traditional dancing.  Paraguayan dancing is very simple, but it was very pretty.  The elder’s quorum put together a pretty funny skit of the ugliest man in the world.  The MC was a recent convert and he is a radio man so he just hammed it all up and made it fun.  Hermana Weeks and I thought it was all pretty funny and we cheered loud for everyone, but every time we cheered all of the heads up front would turn around to look us.  Ha, ha, I guess maybe that´s not normal audience attitude here, but we had a lot of fun.

We found this one family a week ago and we are excited to start working with them.  We clapped at their door and the wife came out and we started talking about the baptism of Jesus Christ and how we need to follow his example and she stops us and says,  "My husband wants to be baptized like Jesus Christ, one moment" and she called her husband out and we shared with them both.  The husband, Jose is really interested.  She is a little more reluctant, but we are excited to work with them both. Jose came to church even this week.  They have a son Julio and he is really smart. He´s only 11, but he was quick to have an answer to all of our questions. 

And then we had a fun surprise visitor at church yesterday.  I think I talked about Jaime before. He was the baptism that we had because he records somehow got lost.  Anways, he showed up to our meetings here in San Lorenzo.  Apparently he was visiting someone close and didn´t want to miss church.  Hermana Weeks and I were both thrilled to see someone from Pinozá.  Anyways, he and  Hermana Weeks started talking about a lady name Teresa and Jaime informed her that she had been baptized and Hermana Weeks was very excited.  Then she turned to me and said, "Ah Hermana, I´ve been meaning to tell you.  She lives close to the church and you contacted her one time, and she remembered you and even your name specifically.  Her mom was yelling at her to do something so she lied and said she couldn´t share.  She told me to tell you and Hermana Casey that she was going to get baptized."  And she did!!  That meant so much to me.  I loved Pinozá, but my time there was really hard.  I always knew that it wasn´t in vain and just maybe I had planted some seeds and to hear that story I was so happy, because I know now that  I did plant a lot of seeds while I was there.  Maybe I won´t know all of the outcomes of those seeds, but I know the Lord does and that´s all that matters.  

Anyways, that´s basically my week.  Love the work.  Love the Lord.  Love His gospel!

Hermana Lindsay

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