Monday, January 26, 2015

Time is Flying Fast

January 26, 2015

Oi, bom dia pais! Eu me chama Irma Lindsay. Eu sou dos estados unidos. eu estou na Paraguay
(translation:  Hi, good morning parents.  My name is Hermana Lindsay, I am from the United States and I am in Paraguay)  Ya, this my Portuguese for you.  Hermana Ramos is teaching the ward every Wednesday. It´s kind of fun, but it´s weird learning a different language from a language that I’ve learned, especially because it’s so similar to Spanish)

This week actually flew by for me.  I´m not exactly sure how I like how fast time is passing.  In just two more weeks we have changes and I´m definitely not ready to leave San Lorenzo or Hermana Jarman!  By far, this is one of my favorite areas.  I love the members here and the investigators, so I´m just going to enjoy all the time I have here. 

We have a few more baptisms lined up.  Hopefully we will have one this week, and two more the next week.  That´s the plan anyway.  Clearly things happen and get in the way, but we have a lot of faith!! The one girl we found recently is Nelly and she is 13.   She is really cool. She went to church a lot in the past and loved it and had a really good experience.  She didn´t get baptized before because her aunt and cousins are members and the one cousin wasn´t really living up to the standards, and she wasn´t sure if she should get baptized if she couldn´t live up to the standards as well, but she really has good desires to follow Jesus Christ and we helped her to understand, that the church isn´t for perfect people. As long as we strive to do our best and sincerely repent, the Church of Jesus Christ is the right place to do that.  

We have also been working a lot with Catolino and Matias.  They are the father and brother of a recent convert.  Matias is 12 and really loves the church.  Catolino loves it too, but the problem is he isn´t married to his wife.  30 years together with 4 grown children!! But they want to get married they just never got around to getting it done, I guess... ? So hopefully we will be having a wedding/baptism really soon!! 

Nadia is doing really good.  She has 5 younger siblings and every time we go over there it´s an adventure.  This week Angel (he´s 9) tied a hose to a tree and turned it into a jump rope by turning the other end.  So we played jump rope with the kids before we shared.  Never thought a hose would make a good jump rope, but I guess you use what you have right? 

Cristian and Antonela the other two kids that got baptized are doing really well as well.  They have been going to activities with the primary and they are just loving it.  So basically we are pretty happy and content with what is happening in the area and we have a lot of motivation to work even harder this week to find the miracles.  

I´m so blessed in my life to have the Gospel because I learn new things every day.  I´m really learning to understand the atonement on my mission and how you have to forgive everyone.  You can´t control everything that happens to you, but you CAN control how you respond.   I´ve been learning how it really is an act of humility to realize that you are wrong, but the more we use the atonement and recognize our sins the happier we are!! I know that to be true with all of my heart!! I Love this Gospel!! I Love this work!! I Hope you have a wonderful week!! 

Hermana Lindsay

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