Monday, February 17, 2014

Happy Dia de los Enamorados

February 17, 2014


Oh wow, where to begin. Today was an interesting day.  So, during our last zone conference we went over the mission´s emergency plan and we have to have an emergency kit with clothes, food (for a week), 4 liters of water, and chlorine, and a couple of other random things all in a bag so if we get a call that says, "Váyanse ahora" (Go Now) for whatever reason we have to grab our bags and meet at the church where we have district meetings every week, but we aren´t allowed to take any colectivos (city buses).  We were told last night that we better be ready because we are going to do a practice.  We were supposed to have a district activity today, but we got the call this morning, during our last hour of study and Centro is where we have our meeting, which took us about 1 hour and 20 minutes to walk there.  At first we were both a little upset, we did not want to walk and we had so many other things we wanted to do, but it ended up being kind of fun. We got to see a different part of the city than we usually do.  We passed by all these shops and it kind of reminded me of Pikes Place...but more crowed.  Anyways, I realized that when you approach things positively and with a prayerful attitude, nothing is really that unbearable and there is always something that could make it worse.  

For Valentine´s Day Hermana Casey and I found a pandaría with cupcakes that had pink sprinkles and so we bought them.  They weren´t the best, but they had dulce de leche in the middle and that was fun.  We also made valentine´s to take to our investigadores and the family that feeds us lunch every Friday, so that was fun and I think they thought it was fun too.  They don´t really celebrate holidays here like they do in the states, they just recognize it is all. In Spanish it´s called el Día de los Enamorados. 

I´m recognizing the importance of going to church more and more and keeping the Sabbath day holy.  Moroni 6 says that church is where we go to pray and fast and be spiritually uplifted together and to partake of the sacrament, which is so important! Every week I can renew my covenants with the Lord and start clean, because I am far from perfect.  I feel like there is always something I need to do to be better, also it´s a commandment of God and when we are obedient he blesses us, but it´s hard to help others see that.  I just want the people we teach just to come to church so they can receive ALL of the blessings God has in store for them.  

I was reading today in Helaman and Nephi and Lehi vow that they are going to preach of the gospel for the rest of their days and I hope I´m like that.  I may not be a "missionary" forever, but I hope I always put God´s will first and help those around me to recognize that they truly are His children and He loves them so much!  

Always remember that our Heavenly Father loves you! 

That´s all from me this week but I hope you all have a great week.  I can´t believe February is already more than half way over. 

Rohayhu (I love you in Guarani, ro-high-who) 

Hermana Lindsay

Oh I forgot, my bag totally fell apart, but I bought a new one today so life is good! Just thought you might like to know that! I guess practicality pays off more than cuteness. 

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