Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Lizards in our Apartment

February 10, 2014


This was a really good week actually. But first, ¡Felices cumpleaños! For Dad and Joey on Friday.  I hope they have a great day!! Especially pass the word on to Joey, because I don´t have his email because he´s never emailed me.... But ya! 

So sometimes I forget I´m in Paraguay and then I remember that everything is in Spanish and sometimes we come home and there are Lizards in our apartment.  We just leave them be. One, because they are so danged fast and two because we hope they eat the bugs, but they like to hide so we hardly ever see them.  

Also I really like mandioca.  It´s like a root and they boil it here and I really like it.  Last Monday we had a Noche de Hogar (Family Home Evening) with our "new" convert, Jaime and he brought empanadas made from mandioca that his neighbor made.  They were basically, like, the most delicious thing ever!! Either that, or I´m just really accustomed to the food here.  

I gave a talk yesterday! It was on the restoration, which wasn´t too hard, because it´s vocabulary that I use when I teach, but I didn´t write anything out. I just went in with a sticky note with scriptures, so I´m pretty proud of that aspect.  I relied heavily on the scriptures though, because I really wanted them to understand and feel the spirit.  As for Guaraní, I know only words and phrases no màs. It´s hard to learn two languages at once, but they don´t really speak it a whole lot here in the city. 

We found this awesome guy this week.  He was just a contact, but we taught him on Friday and invited him to church and he came!  We are having another Noche de Hogar with Jaime tonight and he said he would come to that too! We are really excited about it and I was really proud of the fellowshipping of the ward.  After the meeting we thought we would have to take him around to meet everyone, but everyone came up to him.  That´s how it should be always, if we see someone new in our meetings go introduce yourself and make friends!!  Because the missionaries leave but the members stay.  

We have another investigador of oro (gold) too. Her name is Patricia.  She is very spiritual.  Our last meeting she told us she hadn´t read, but was like, "Let´s read now, because I have questions." And then as she read she, was like, "Wow, here´s the answer right here, I should have read," And basically proceeded to teach us.  She is awesome, the only problem that she has is coming to church.  She wants to, but she takes medicine to sleep and it lasts 12 hours so she has a hard time getting up in the morning.  We stopped by her house and called her and everything, but  nothing so hopefully we can help her see the importance of getting to church.  

That´s really it for me this week, I´m just learning to be patient I guess.  I know as long as I work hard and love the people the language will come.  Presidente Agazzani told me in his last letter  that if I really want to learn I can´t speak to me companion in English, “Nunca”, he even emphasized that part in English too,  “Never”, so I´m going to try that this week. 

Love you soo much I appreciate your prayers!! 

Hermana Lindsay

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