Monday, February 3, 2014

Support From Home Means Everything

February 3, 2014


I´m glad the sun finally came out there, that´s happy.  Sometimes I wish the sun wouldn´t come out here. Actually, some days it gets really rainy and cloudy and the air cool downs a bit.  I like those days, but it never seems to last long and then the sun comes out again. 

I don´t really have much to talk about this week.  We´ve found a lot of awesome people, but it seems like they either don´t actually live there or they are about to move. The important thing is that they found the restored gospel whether or not I get to work with them.  

We made a contact the other day and this lady had this parrot named Poncho. And yes he talked, but I didn´t know what else I could get him to say besides "hola".  But he was pretty cool. 

We found Miguel again this week, he´s the "neighborhood drunk" or at least that´s how he introduces himself.  This week he was close to the church and we could see the branch president´s car.  So we told him that the pastor, of sorts, would be able to help him.  He wanted the help, but he didn´t want to go into the church because he didn´t have shoes, so we brought presidente out to him instead.  We saw him again Saturday night, but then Sunday rolled around and he mysteriously disappeared. At least we gave him the option to change.

I´m not sure if the bugs are leaving me alone yet, but I don´t have as many bites as I did when I first got here, maybe it´s just I´m better at remembering to put on bug spray too.  

Pizza Hut was good. It basically tastes the same, although they have this option to have cheese filled crust, but the cheese is different it´s more like a liquid than a solid, but it´s good.  They put corn on their pizza and that´s a little weird. 

This week was a little discouraging Spanish wise.  I feel a little stuck, like I´m not progressing. I´m definitely not fluent, because I still only understand about 75% of the conversations, so I’m not exactly sure what to do about that that. Have patience and faith I guess. Presidente Agazzani promised that if we read the Book of Mormon in the first 3 months we would be fluent so I´m holding on to that promise and right now I´m in the middle of Alma and I have until March so I´m think I´m doing pretty good.  I know far more Spanish then I ever did French, or least I can speak far more Spanish, so in that way I guess I´m doing pretty good. 

But I know the Lord always answers prayers.  Especially, I´m learning, after we put in our effort and have the right attitude, because sometimes I expect things to just be given to me because I´m being obedient or because it´s a righteous desire, but then I´m humbled constantly.  Putting all of your faith in God is the only way. 

This is definitely the hardest thing I´ve ever done, but it makes it all worth it knowing I have your support from home.  I really do love being here though, even if it is hard. I want nothing more than to become an instrument in the Lord´s hand.  

Hope everyone has a good week!! You are all in my prayers too! 

Hermana Lindsay

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