Monday, September 15, 2014

Birthday Party!

September 15, 2014
¡¡Hola !!
So this week was really good.  I felt like we worked really hard and we taught a lot.  My birthday was really good.  We had a district meeting and it was one of the elder´s birthdays too, so Hermana Thacker made brownies and brought them to everyone.  Then we just taught and found people all day long!! I was very pleased with the day actually, but all day long it didn´t really feel like my birthday just another day.  Some investigators sang to me at the end of the day, in English, I was pretty happy with that, but then our Ward Mission Leader called us and my companion handed me the phone and he sang happy birthday to me too.  It was really sweet and it reminded me of when Grandma and Grandpa call me to sing to me. 
When we got home, there were streamers hanging from all of our ceiling fans, and I knew the other hermanas had our keys because they borrow our oven all the time, so I thought it was sweet, but then I walked into our room, and Hermana Walker and Hermana Flores were hiding, waiting to surprise me and they decorated the whole room with balloons and flowers and banners.  And they even went and bought everyone lomitos and had presents for me to unwrap.  It was the sweetest thing.  So I got a cute owl necklace, a coloring book, because they know I love to color and a little key chain.  So we partied a little.  Apparently that surprise had been in the works for a while, but I didn´t suspect a thing.
Right now we are teaching a man named Mariano.  He is around 60 or something like that.  He actually found us.  He was dating Juan´s mom and he was the one who came to the church looking for help because of her drinking.  Anyways,  in the midst of the Juan´s baptism, he moved out of their house and has been trying to live a better life and two weeks ago he came to church, without anyone even inviting him! And so we are teaching him now.  He is really trying to do the right thing in his life.  He´s been through a lot, but he told us that he prayed to be guided to the right path and was guided to the church.  His baptism is scheduled for the 27th, but he has to stop smoking in the meantime, but he is working really hard to quit. It´s just a testament to me that the gospel changes lives!!
We did divisions with two of the members on Saturday to help them with their visiting teaching because they have a lot of less actives and they have no idea where they all live.  It was fun to go out with them.  And the result was one of the menos activas is an older lady and she can´t get to church by herself, so they offered to bring her every week. She was so happy to be in the church again.  She´s in her 70´s and she has been a member for around 12 years, but even when she couldn´t go to church she faithfully read her scriptures every day.  Also one of the other inactive members I´ve been working with since I´ve gotten here finally came back to church for the first time, 10 years!! She has three little kids and her five year old was already begging to come back and they only were there for sacrament meeting!  Little kids just know.  So I have a feeling they will be back the next week.  I love that family so much and it made me so happy to see them in church!!
Anyways, that´s basically all from me.  These are some pictures of the party.  The other hermanas took lots more so maybe I´ll have to steal some from them later, but that´s basically all from me.  I don´t really need anything, I don´t think. Maybe a pair of shoes.  Mine are holding up pretty well, but they are starting to get little cracks and holes.  They don´t look bad, I´m just thinking I still have 8 months to be walking around, but if worse comes to worse I could always buy a pair here. 
All is well, have a wonderful week,
Hermana Amy Lindsay

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