Monday, September 22, 2014

It's Spring

September 22, 2014

Ok well it´s not spring for your there, but it is here. Actually, they just say it´s spring and put decorations up in all the stores, but their trees are in bloom, basically all year round so I don´t think they actually know what spring is.  The winter here was actually not too bad.  There were only a couple of days where I got super, super cold, but mostly it would switch back and forth from hot and cold, the weather here is kind of bipolar. It´s all good, but I think it´s getting time for sunscreen and bug spray again.  I got a little burned yesterday and I have several new bug bites. 
This week we had a conference in the offices with President, it´s always fun to go back to Asunción and I got to see Hermana Kimball so that was fun for me.  Since she is a sister leader trainer she gets to do divisions a lot and so she had stories for me of Pinozá. It was fun to hear how my old area was doing.  We had a good conference and focused a lot on President Uchtdorf´s last talk on gratitude.  I really suggest reading it again, I´ve learned a lot from that talk and I´ve been trying to be more grateful.  I´m actually noticing the work is easier and I´m happier when I think with that kind of attitude. Sounds obvious I know, but really it´s easier said than done, but I think that´s why I love the mission so much, because I´m learning to do a lot of things that are easier said than done. 
We were kind of disappointed to receive a text from Mariano yesterday that he couldn´t come to church.  He´s still progressing, but we had to push his baptism back because of it, but it ended up being for the better because we still have a lot we want to teach him and he´s still working on quitting smoking.  He went from smoking 40 cigarettes in a day to 5!! I would call that progress!!  He´s funny, he talks about all the time how healthy he´s getting and he looks a thousand times better from when I met him the first time.  He just seems happier!  And that´s why I love the gospel and why I love being able to share it every day, because of that change in people.  The gospel changes people and the atonement is for everyone!!
We had our investigator Cintia come to church and it was the Primary Program.  The kids did a really good job.  They do it a little differently here, only the older kids had parts, but they all sang and it was really cute.  Little kids are little kids no matter where you go!
That´s basically all I can remember from this week, I´m sure I´ll walk away and hit myself because I forgot such and such, but I hope all is well with everyone at home!  Happy Fall!!
Hermana Amy Lindsay

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