Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Today is my Birthday!


So today is my birthday!! Whooo! I´m  22 which is so weird, I barely feel like I was 21, but that´s because I´ve spent most of it on my mission, but thanks for the birthday wishes.  I´m sure Hermana Thacker, the Hermanas, and I will do something to celebrate, I´m not sure just what yet. 
Juan got confirmed!!!! Our ward mission leader went by their house at like 7 in the morning to get them all and bring them to church.  We brought him with us the night before to verify and they all committed to come.  His mom was a little drunk that night, but the next day she was better and came to church! Afterward all the kids were raving and ranting at how much they loved church and the parents were saying they were going to come next week too.  I really hope they do!  They need the gospel in their lives right now.  Their change is a slow process, but I can see it happening, and it´s so exciting!  I just want them to be able to feel the spirit.  I know that they can change through the Atonement and they can be a happy eternal family.  It´s going to take a little bit of work, but it´s completely possible. 
I was really impressed though.  A family that we eat lunch with, has a little girl who is 6.  Both of her parents are return missionaries, and her mom was a convert at age 18.  Her story is really cool, she is just this power house mom.  Anyways, Constanza is the name of the little girl and after sacrament meeting she came up to the kids that were with us and asked them how old they were, took them by the hand, and took them all to their classes.  It was cute and I was so impressed!! It just shows that anyone of any age can do missionary work.  That´s what every investigator or less active needs, just someone to take their hand and make them feel comfortable, guide them to where they need to go, or invite them to sit with you.  It makes a difference, because the missionaries can do all that, but then they leave, the members are the ones that stay.  Anyways, sorry if I sound like I´m lecturing on missionary work, I´m just realizing how important it is on my mission to work with the members and afterwards I want to be the type of member that we always wanted to help us.  It´s really cool what I´ve been learning about the church and especially about myself though serving a mission.
We´ve found some really cool people that we´ve been teaching, they just have to come to church in order to progress, so we´ll see.  I´m sure I´ll have more to say the next week.  But all is well and I´m pretty content!

Have a great week!
Hermana Amy Lindsay

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